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About Commercial Research & Recovery

Commercial Research & Recovery's management teams experience, expertise, integrity and commitment are unparalleled in the industry. Combined, our team has over 25 years experience in the collection, loan recovery and financial services industry. Our team has been affiliated with such organizations as American Express Travel Related Services, SunTrust Bank, American General Finance, Mercury Finance Company, Local Federal Bank, Applied Card Systems, and Flag Star Mortgage, all recognized for unparallel levels of customer service in the financial services industries.

We are committed to the growth and success of our clients who demand the highest level of performance, but are also committed to communicating with the individuals whose accounts are being serviced by CRRI with dignity and respect. CRRI understands that there are unfortunate circumstances, tough decisions, and life crises that sometime lead to many debt and credit problems. WE ARE HERE TO HELP AND WORK WITH YOU.

Our account representatives will assist you by creating an affordable, monthly, customized repayment program that will achieve the resolution of the outstanding debt that is with CRRI. This method is the most cost-effective way to pay off your debt and avoid the negative impact of bankruptcy, allowing the account to remain unpaid on your credit bureau, or doing nothing hoping that the debt goes away. CRRI will work diligently and professionally with you by negotiating an agreed settlement amount based on your monthly payments which could help to reduce the balance, eliminate interest from accruing or possibly offering a lump shot settlement on the amount owed. WE ARE HERE TO HELP AND WORK WITH YOU.

Resolving your account in this manner is a great option for people who may be considering bankruptcy due to some type of financial hardship. Once the account is settled our clients will consider the account paid in full when the balance reaches zero. While the agreement for repayment or settlement of your account will have no change on the negative effect on your credit bureau in the short-term, CRRI will happily provide a letter during your repayment program to show that you have complied with your agreement as long as the account is being paid as agreed. Once the account has been paid in full, any account reported by CRRI will be reflective on the national credit reporting company's as an account that has been paid in full. WE ARE HERE TO HELP AND WORK WITH YOU.

Throughout the length of your repayment program we help you stay on track with your agreement by establishing solid relationships with each individual by maintaining an open line of communication; all we ask is that you be honest and communicate with your assigned representative if you run into obstacles that may de-rail your agreement; there are always ways that we can help you through those tough times WE ARE HERE TO HELP AND WORK WITH YOU.

Our goal is to provide you with an affordable program that helps you get back on your feet financially and find a solution for the stress caused by debt. Our informative account representatives have many years of experience assisting individuals resolve their accounts. Let us assist you in setting up a debt repayment agreement. WE ARE HERE TO HELP AND WORK WITH YOU.

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This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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