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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CRRI offer interest free payment arrangements when other agencies do not?
We want to show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When we set you up on a monthly payment arrangement we want to see you succeed, not charging interest is our way of saying we are here to help and work with you.

How do I know that I am not being charged interest on my account?
Simple, request a statement with your payment when it is mailed or click on the "contact us" button, request that a statement be sent to you and we will have one out to you by the next business day. Be sure to register your e-mail address with your account representative and include your account number in the subject line of your email. All we ask that you wait until after the six month of steady on time payments to request a statement.

Since I am in a minimum payment arrangement, does it mean that I cannot offer a settlement later?
We are here to help and work with you; our clients will entertain a settlement at any time. One of the factors that are reviewed is your payment history with us to date. We are unable to guarantee what settlement amount the client will be willing to take, but your payment history can help as well hurt the settlement amount you would be looking to offer.

Once I start making payments how is it reported on my credit report?
We will report your account as a paying collection account that will be based solely on how you pay. We can even provide you or whomever you authorize us to, a letter confirming that you are paying your account as agreed, as long as timely payments are being made. Paid accounts are positive compared to unresolved debts or bankruptcy. After your debt has been paid it will be reflected as a paid account and your credit score should start to improve since the negative item have been resolved.

CRRI is a collection agency and collection agencies only care about collecting money why should I trust that CRRI will work with me?
You won't until you give us a call or drop us an email. Remember, more than likely we have already been trying to reach you and want to open up a dialog to assist you. But unless you contact us, we do not know how to help and can only assume that there is no interest in trying to resolve your account. Flexible fair and friendly, we are here to help and work with you.

Does CRRI work with settlement companies or credit counseling services?
Yes, we will work with any legitimate credit counseling or debt settlement companies. In fact, click on the "Debt Resolution" link and meet a couple of our business partners. In many cases, they may be able to help you will all of your debts. It shows to any future lenders that you took initiative in your situation, which is helpful.

What should I do if I cannot make my payment in full one month?
Contact us by calling or emailing your account representative. In many cases it better to pay something than to let a month go by without making any payment; all we ask is that you are honest with yourself and us. We understand that unexpected situations may present themselves and are hard to anticipate. We will work with anyone, but understand that there are limitations.

What is a hardship settlement program?
These programs are for individuals that can prove that they are on Social Security, disability, workman's compensation or any other assistance program. If qualified, reductions upwards of 75% are common and allowed in monthly payments. Every situation is different, so speak with your account representative for more information.

Can I be sued if I do not make an arrangement to pay voluntarily?
We can guarantee if your set up a payment arrangement and make your payments on your account on time, that you are less likely to be considered for litigation. Our clients would rather not go to the expense of suing and would rather try working with you first. Flexible, Fair and Friendly.

I am ready how do I get started?
Contact us by phone or email; our goal is to help you get your account resolved. Be honest and tell us what you can be consistent month over month and we will put together a repayment program that will help you achieve your goal.

What are my responsibilities during the repayment program?
To make your monthly payment as planned, stay in communication with us if something happens and you are running behind on making your payment and be honest; remember we want you to succeed. . We will work with anyone, but understand that there are limitations.

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